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Edward Lowe, DDS

"The Richardson Group took my existing dental practice and added a dash of business savvy, a pinch of marketing, a touch of communication skills and a spoonful of care to take me closer to my dream. Thank you for coaching my team and me to grow and prosper personally and professionally."

Edward Lowe, DDS Editor, JCD of the AACD The Vancouver Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry

Michael J. Koczarski, DDS

"I've been coached by The Richardson Group for the past 10 years. I graduated a safe beginner from dental school with a little knowledge of what to do, but a large void as to how to go about the business of dentistry. Alan and Sandy helped me create the flavor of my practice that suited me best, and more importantly guided me along the path to actually 'doing' it. Behind every great athlete is a great coach helping potential become reality. The Richardson Group is absolutely the best coaching team, bar none. No cookie cutter approaches here - totally custom to you and your untapped potential!"

Michael J. Koczarski, DDS Past Editor, JCD of the AACD Best Cosmetic Dentist - Seattle

Sue Weishaar, DDS

"I have had the pleasure of working the The Richardson Group since 1994. The Richardson experience is a must for any dental practice. For me, personally, it has been a life changing experience. I have tried other dental consulting groups who were not so helpful and far more costly.

"The knowledge and communication skills that my team and I have obtained from our Continuum sessions have been great tools, not only in our practice ... also in our personal lives. We have learned how important a single word can be when used in a positive way.

"The Richardson Group gives me monthly coaching, team coaching, CE, practice/business building skills, valuable peer relationships to share business and dental skill experiences, a skilled personal coach and life long friendships."

Sue Weishaar, DDS

Michael E. Taylor, DDS

"After 20 years practicing in a small Montana community, my practice was beginning to feel a little stale. The Richardson Group has rekindled my enthusiasm for dentistry and for providing high quality care to my patients. I doubled my practice and my bottom line, with a great, enthusiastic team. Dentistry is fun and exciting again."

Michael E. Taylor, DDS

Michael R. Cole, DDS

"If you're tired of spinning your wheels in the profession you love, call The Richardson Group. By using their no-nonsense systems, powerful questions and life enhancing verbal skills I reached and surpassed my goals - financially, professionally and in personal relationships."

Michael R. Cole, DDS Pearl Care Dental

Cary B. Simonds DDS, MS

"I believe The Richardson Group can make any practice massively successful. All that's needed is a willing and supportive doctor. Our practice more than doubled in size during our first year and even more importantly, we're having twice as much FUN as a team and with our patients. Our patients have been the ultimate beneficiaries of this process."

Cary B. Simonds DDS, MS Oral Surgery Plus

Robert Hughes, DDS

"I've worked with The Richardson Group for twelve years - they are great! Call me - I'll convince you."

Robert Hughes, DDS Team Dentist - Seattle Mariners, Everett Silvertips, Everett Hawks

Brian McKay, DDS

"This is not one-size-fits-all coaching - from the minute I opened my doors we developed a plan and have continuously exceeded our goals and our plans."

Brian McKay, DDS Advanced Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry

Reid Clark, DDS, PA

"The Richardson Group has been invaluable to our team over the years. We have been clients since 1998. Their ideas are current and impeccable. They have played a great role in team building and team performance. Words and phrases that come to mind for the Richardson Group:

· integrity   · leadership   · hard working   · responsive

"We have a great team and we owe much of this to the Richardson Group. "

Reid Clark, DDS, PA Clark and Ribando Friendly Dentistry

Erin Elliott, DDS

"Joining the Richardson Group is the single most important business decision that we, as a practice, have ever made. With a large staff, my partner and I were struggling to produce the dentistry and have to manage the team. We decided to partner up with a group and a coach that has positively impacted our lives forever. Adding The Richardson Group to our team has been life-changing. Because of TRG we have a thriving, healthy practice in an economy that is struggling.

"Not only are we connected with our individual coach but a network of dentists and coaches that are just as excited about dentistry as we are. With the systems and monitors that Richardson Group have put in place, we spend much less time managing the people and practice and spend more time doing dentistry, enjoying our family, and thriving! The practice was running us vs. us running the practice. Our practice is organized, our staff is cohesive and goal-oriented and our patients are excited to be a part of it."

Erin Elliot, DDS Post Falls Family Dental

Michael Maroon, DMD, FACE, FAGD

"We have utilized The Richardson Group to coach our office team since 2003. They just finished a 2-day intense training session with my entire office and we really learned a lot about improving the care that we provide our patients and the way that we communicate with each other on the team. In addition, the coaching allows all of us to grow professionally and increase awareness and understanding of how all parts of a successful business are interconnected. If you want your dental team to take greater ownership & responsibility, and be more accountable for making sure that your business continues to trend upward, give The Richardson Group a call."

Michael Maroon, DMD, FACE, FAGD Advanced Dental

Thomas Teel, DDS

"I have worked with the Richardson Group since 2002 and I can honestly say it is the single best thing I have ever done for my practice. Their methods are totally customized for your unique practice situation, and they bring a wealth of knowledge to coaching you and your team. Through their coaching efforts my practice has seen incredible growth over the years, and I am achieving my practice and financial goals. They are incredible people with a passion for inspiring excellence. Thank you Richardson Group!"

Thomas Teel, DDS Family Dentistry & Aesthetics

Guy Ribando, DDS

"The Richardson Group has wonderful coaches who complement each other in coaching and personality. From day one, they have helped me to develop my abilities in communication and leadership and we (our team) greatly value their judgment!"

Guy Ribando, DDS Clark and Ribando Friendly Dentistry

Norman Goodwin, DDS, PS

"I've really valued the contribution you all have made to my practice and life since joining your group. Especially as the recession and unemployment grinds on, it is a great comfort to know I can turn to capable advisors for effective coaching and suggestions. After 35 years in practice, I'm all too keenly aware of my own limitations to recognize and to effectively manage all the details required to reach the levels of success I aspire to. And at this point in my life, as you know, my dependency on a successful practice has risen for the next few years rather than declined. With continued health and a healthy practice, all the rest is pure adventure."

Norman Goodwin, DDS, PS Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry

Tony Soileau, DDS

"After reading these testimonials, I must agree. I've been using The Richardson Group for 2 years. Love these guys! bottom line is I am building a new office because of how profitable they have made my office. What I like best is that they did not come in and try to change who I am. They get it! I am Cajun. I am southern. I get mad at some things. Some things don't bother me. We say yes maa'm and no sir becuase it's the right thing to do. I don't own a tie or shiny shoes. I am who I am. The Richardson Group coached my team and I to be even better and within the frame of who we are."

Tony Soileau, DDS Smiles by Soileau

"The Richardson Group bring a totally comprehensive management program to the practice and provide uncompromising support and dedication to their clients to ensure success."

Brian T. Hart, DDS Harbour Pointe Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

"For over 10 years, they've coached us to a great new building and continued great success - they are the best."

James Psomas, DDS &
George Bourekis, DDS
Spokane Valley DDS

"We can sincerely say that our lives changed the day we started working with The Richardson Group. You trained us to have focus and intention to everything we do, not only at work, but in our personal lives, as well. As a result, not only have we benefited from TRG values, so have our staff and their families."

Drs. Kurt and Holly Peterson Peterson Dental

Thomas Roberts, DDS

"I've worked with a lot of consultants in my time and never stayed with any of them as long as I have stayed with The Richardson Group. What you guys do is really incredible."

Thomas Roberts, DDS


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