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Cris Duval - Specialty Hygiene Coach, Patient Coach

Patient Coach
Specialty Hygiene Coach

Cris is a strong leader in creating a new and exciting era in dentistry. It is an era of partnership; of participation and close co-operation with our doctor(s) and our team members to help our patients achieve optimum health. Her coaching has changed the direction and purpose of the hygiene department in many practices today. She says, "We must change our mindset; no longer can we function on our own, and have an hour long hygiene visit be consumed with calculus removal." The scope of today's hygiene visit encompasses life saving screenings, disease risk and susceptibility testing, linking of our patient's medical and dental health, relationship building, and enrolling our patient in treatment recommendations consistent with our findings.

She is passionate about coaching hygiene teams to higher levels of productivity and profitability by coaching patients to a higher level of health.

Founder of Duval Consulting, Cris helps teams reach their goals by doing strategic business and protocol planning. A national speaker, author and coach, she is well known for her "Prepare vs. Repair" philosophy. She teaches a program called "Practical Application of the Diode Laser."

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